Great parody of the Microsoft Help Assistant


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Do you konw the famous Clip assistant you find always you open your Microsoft Office programs? He is maybe the first character we don’t like when we start those applications. He is always there when you are in trouble, but usually it only slows down your computer performance and doesn’t help you.

Its uselesss appeareance is, for most users, a real annoying thing.

Clippy goes further and it is a parody of this ’great’ assistan. Forget Clipo, now you have Clippy.

As the parody it is, Clippy magnifies what Clipo used to do and now it will appear whenever it want and will tell you anything, no matter what you are doing, it will appear and will tell you a joke, or simply will remind you that he is there.

Clippy is fully customizable and you can add the sentences you want just editing a .txt file in the root folder of Clippy.

You will enjoy a lot using this tool and, of course, when sending it to your friends.
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